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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My busy month!!!!!!

Hello readers! Tonight we're going to go to a friend's house, Paul Macdonald!!!While I'm here I'll tell you one of my favorite past times on a rainy day, computer games!! My favorite computer games are, Zoo tycoon, horseland and my blog! Have you ever heard of Horseland? Its really fun. In zoo tycoon you own a zoo and you create cages for zoo animals. You learn a lot about the animals in the encyclopedia.

In about a week we are going to our grandma's! We're going to stay with her when mom and dad go to Stratford! Our Grandma lives in Simcoe. The best part is that we get to take our four and half month old puppy Chester!! Then about two weeks later is dad's 40th birthday! The day after his birthday we leave to a conference called Carey Conference!! We stay there for about a week in a rented cottage!!! They have a swimming pool and a zipline and we bring our bikes!!! They also have two parks and best of all Sunday school all week!!!!Well i think i should be moving on. Bye!!!!!!