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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Recap

Ohhhhh! Christmas is over already! Its too bad. Months of waiting then, one day and it is gone! Lots of toys to play with though. I got beading equipment (I love beading!), my first pair of nylons, scissors (Whats the point of scissors in a package?) loads of candy, etc. I am very happy! I hope every body else had a Christmas as great as mine. In Simcoe, there is a park filled with Christmas lights. Its a tradition to go see them. Even Chester got to go. And now New Years Day is coming! Tomorrow, New Years Eve is Ryan's Birthday. He is excited. He is going to be 9. I hope everybody has a great New year! My New Years Resolutions are;
1. Obey Mom and Dad more readily.
2. Try to love God more
3. Read through the New Testament
4. Remember to practice my piano
5. Work hard in school (especially math)
6. Get along well with Ryan
7. Be responsible
8. Take good care of pets
9 Serve everybody around me better
10. Love the people around me

I am going to need you to pray that I would fufill my Resolutions!


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