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Friday, July 20, 2007

Trip to Texas

Hello oh forgotten readers of mine!(If I have any left)!

To start i will tell about my self (again).I am nine. I turned nine on May 9, 2007. What i really need to tell you about is our Texas trip.Instead of flying as we usually do we drove. The whole trip took us two weeks. Our family joke now is when ever we stop driving after a long drive we need to fluff out our bottoms. Okay, that doesn't make a lot of sense to you, but it might to your kids. Well anyway to go on such a trip we had to pack a lot of food and, of course, special snacks and clothes. The special stuff included Nibs and lollipops (YUM!). It also included a lot of care directed to the car. We drove a Honda CRV. But for the whole trip it took a lot of patience, packing, plain sitting, sitting in traffic, stuff like that. On the way we slept in hotels, at least until we got to our Grandpa's. Some of the hotels even had pools. Me and Ryan were happy about that. one of the hotels we went to was in Texas. In fact, it was so warm that the swimming pool was out side! It was really nice. Even though there was a lot of family time in the trip, I don't to do that again, at least for a while.Well, so long!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here I am again. When you tell your Texas story ,it is just as if I was along on the trip. very good job. You make it funny but very real. So what is next your your writing ???A poem? a make-believe story??What??? I will be watching for your next Chapter. Love to all, Grandma

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