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Monday, March 02, 2009


We get this week of school! Today is my first day and I am already getting bored (bad start). We have three units in school this year and we have just finished the second. In between units, we get a week of. We have a "Unit Celebration" which is when we gather all that units projects together, take pictures and display them! Our grandparents are coming and so are my aunt and uncle. They are coming to see the projects, to visit and to celebrate aunt, uncle and cousin birthdays!

We also display all the notes and questions we have written and answered.They fill a whole folder!

Typing on my blog will be one of my "things to do" during this boring week of mine! (LOL!) Today I have already watched a video, beaded, traced a picture on my calendar, tried to draw some tulips, did Ryan's hair in pigtails, had lunch, did a computer game, played with a race car track, and walked to the mailbox in the freezing cold with the dog!

And now I am typing on you, my blog! BUSY DAY!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

I'm going crazy!

Yahoo! Today is Gracekids Winter Olympics! Awesome! Superb! Terrific!( I think that is enough now).

It is from 1:00 to 4:00. I would explode if it started any later. Listening to highland music is helping calm me down either. Nor is having nothing to do. I AM GOING CRAZY!

I believe I have lost all my readers. Oh well, just the same its fun to have a blog (about a gee person)!!

Chesters second birthday is coming up. Puppies don't stay puppies for long. One day he was the smallest, youngest puppy in the neighbour hood, next he is just a "dog". He wears a red hanky all the time and now Dad calls him "PD" (pirate dog). He just needs an eye patch ( I hope not for real!).

School is going well. As you can see, my speling is doig gret!

That's all for now, I can't sit still very long. Au revoir! ( Is that how you spell it?)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

School and Winter Events

Yahoo! That was fun! Today we went skating! For an hour! And we had HOT hot chocolate too! And no School either, since I got it all done yesterday! I wrote a fiction story that I will enter here.

A Lost Baby

Lauren Gee

Louella was sitting on the edge of the family wagon, reading. She often ended up watching Jake, her little brother while her mom packed up camp or did chores. As the daughter of Israelites, she and her family often had to pack up and head into the desert without notice. Nobody knew when the cloud over the tabernacle would move. At the moment, Jake was sleeping as soundly as a hater-of-naps could.

Louella glanced at Jake. His favorite rattle, a gourd filled with pebbles lay beside him. Louella came to an exciting part in her book, "Adventures for Girls" . At the end of the exciting part she looked up. Jake's patched blanket was empty! He and his rattle were gone! Frantically she looked around. All she saw was a trail of small footprints, leading on into the desert. To make things worse, Louella notice the wind was picking up at a startling rate. She thought, " I should have known that he wouldn't sleep that long!"

She dropped her book and screamed for Nicole, her older sister. They both tore along, following those precious footprints. "My only hope,"mumured Louella miserably As they stunbled along, Louella's straight brown hair kept whipping into her green-slate eyes. Suddenly, Nicole stopped. She and Louella was startled and overjoyed. It was Jake's rattle, lying on the trail of footprints! "Can't be far," whispered Louella in a tight voice.

At that moment, Nicole yelled Jake's name over the wind. They heard a small, tired, baby voice wailing, "Mamma!" Both girls jogged towards the welcome sound. Sitting in the hot sand was Jake! He had tears streaming down his chubby face. "Unusual for him," noted Louella.

As they pelted back, carrying Jake, tears of gratitude filled their eyes. "Thank you God for helping us find our little brother Jake!"

Once at the wagon, their mom peered at their tear-streaked yet joyful faces. "There you are! I was worried about you. Where have you been? What has happened? Never mind, tell us as we travel on through the desert. Its time to go!"

As they jolted along under the blazing sun, Nicole narrated the whole episode, not missing one detail. Their mom and dad interjected comments such as,"Oh my!" or "My poor darlings!" (the latter from their mom). Once Nicole had finished, Jake started babbling as if nothing had happened. Louella realized, after thingking over the whole episode how special her little brother was to her. She hugged him tight and kissed his silky, dusty hair. "I hope I never lose you again," she said.

The End

I liked this story. It took a LONG time to write. I hope you like it. I must go now or I will go to sleep with my fingers typing on my quilt! Au revoir readers!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Recap

Ohhhhh! Christmas is over already! Its too bad. Months of waiting then, one day and it is gone! Lots of toys to play with though. I got beading equipment (I love beading!), my first pair of nylons, scissors (Whats the point of scissors in a package?) loads of candy, etc. I am very happy! I hope every body else had a Christmas as great as mine. In Simcoe, there is a park filled with Christmas lights. Its a tradition to go see them. Even Chester got to go. And now New Years Day is coming! Tomorrow, New Years Eve is Ryan's Birthday. He is excited. He is going to be 9. I hope everybody has a great New year! My New Years Resolutions are;
1. Obey Mom and Dad more readily.
2. Try to love God more
3. Read through the New Testament
4. Remember to practice my piano
5. Work hard in school (especially math)
6. Get along well with Ryan
7. Be responsible
8. Take good care of pets
9 Serve everybody around me better
10. Love the people around me

I am going to need you to pray that I would fufill my Resolutions!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Hip, Hip Hurray!!!

To my remaining readers, celebrate with me the end of school! I have
finished my third year of Latin, a humongous book of French, and
Grammar. I just have to finish Math. Tomorrow is Beeton's "Honey and
Garden Festival". Beeton used to be Bee Town but it got squished into
Beeton. Thats were the honey part came from. I have no idea were the
garden part came from!

I have had a tenth birthday! It was on May 9. I had a tea party and I
invited six girls. I got lots of books, a butterfly kite, three packs of
gum (two of those were bubble gum!), a porcelain doll, a little crystal
flower stand, a Dairy Queen "blizzard" card, and some 3D butterflies
that you can decorate. From my parents and Ryan (my brother) I got a
card making set, the book "Lad: a Dog", some delicious pear tea, a blue
leather journal a hairband and a grownup looking pink checkered shirt.
What a wonderful weekend! From my Grandma I got the best computer game
in the world " I love puppies", some lightning bugs candy, some elastic
bands, and a dancing dragon that I named "Draco". He is goofy, cuddly
and cute. He makes everybody laugh!.

I have got more good news! This year, we are going out west to see our
cousins and our mom's grandma! I can't wait to see them! We are also
going to Texas in two weeks! Mom has already started packing. We will
leave our year old puppy Chester with her when we go. When we go to BC,
we will take , I think , all of our pets over! Except for Ryan's and my
ever diminishing number of sea monkeys. I just can't wait! Also, hope
fully some time this summer Ryan and I will take piano lessons! Mom and
Dad said if we do a year of piano, afterwards we can choose any
instrument we want! I think that I will choose violin.

Well thats all for now and I will try to type more during my summer

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My busy month!!!!!!

Hello readers! Tonight we're going to go to a friend's house, Paul Macdonald!!!While I'm here I'll tell you one of my favorite past times on a rainy day, computer games!! My favorite computer games are, Zoo tycoon, horseland and my blog! Have you ever heard of Horseland? Its really fun. In zoo tycoon you own a zoo and you create cages for zoo animals. You learn a lot about the animals in the encyclopedia.

In about a week we are going to our grandma's! We're going to stay with her when mom and dad go to Stratford! Our Grandma lives in Simcoe. The best part is that we get to take our four and half month old puppy Chester!! Then about two weeks later is dad's 40th birthday! The day after his birthday we leave to a conference called Carey Conference!! We stay there for about a week in a rented cottage!!! They have a swimming pool and a zipline and we bring our bikes!!! They also have two parks and best of all Sunday school all week!!!!Well i think i should be moving on. Bye!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Berry good memories

Hi readers!
Guess what me, Mom and Ryan did this morning? We went and picked berries!! We first picked blueberries, and then we drove like twenty metres to the raspberry patch! We went to Barrie Hill Farms. We got the directions from Google to the farm but it lead us into a estate circle! Mom had to call Dad and get the right directions. At the blueberry part there was a tractor that was pulling a trailer that you had to get onto and it would take you to a ripe part of the blueberry field. We picked two full buckets and two full baskets of blueberries. Then the tractor took us back to the beginning part and we payed for the blueberries. then we went to the raspberry patch. We picked three full baskets there, payed and drove home. Now, Moms making jam! Blueberry jam , raspberry jam and blueberry-raspberry jam. Well, i've got to go. See ya around!