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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Berry good memories

Hi readers!
Guess what me, Mom and Ryan did this morning? We went and picked berries!! We first picked blueberries, and then we drove like twenty metres to the raspberry patch! We went to Barrie Hill Farms. We got the directions from Google to the farm but it lead us into a estate circle! Mom had to call Dad and get the right directions. At the blueberry part there was a tractor that was pulling a trailer that you had to get onto and it would take you to a ripe part of the blueberry field. We picked two full buckets and two full baskets of blueberries. Then the tractor took us back to the beginning part and we payed for the blueberries. then we went to the raspberry patch. We picked three full baskets there, payed and drove home. Now, Moms making jam! Blueberry jam , raspberry jam and blueberry-raspberry jam. Well, i've got to go. See ya around!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay Lauren..I am going to get this through if it takes all day...Joke..What a great blogger you are and you make your plans so interesting. Now I happen to know that your plans all worked out really well and you had a fine time during your camp., your visit to Grandma's..Me..and all the rest.So I think it is time for a new blog. How about :10 Good Things About Chester" Well I am sure you have an idea of your own. So keep up the good work and I can keep up the comments.I hope. love you sweetie. Grandma

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