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Friday, May 23, 2008

Hip, Hip Hurray!!!

To my remaining readers, celebrate with me the end of school! I have
finished my third year of Latin, a humongous book of French, and
Grammar. I just have to finish Math. Tomorrow is Beeton's "Honey and
Garden Festival". Beeton used to be Bee Town but it got squished into
Beeton. Thats were the honey part came from. I have no idea were the
garden part came from!

I have had a tenth birthday! It was on May 9. I had a tea party and I
invited six girls. I got lots of books, a butterfly kite, three packs of
gum (two of those were bubble gum!), a porcelain doll, a little crystal
flower stand, a Dairy Queen "blizzard" card, and some 3D butterflies
that you can decorate. From my parents and Ryan (my brother) I got a
card making set, the book "Lad: a Dog", some delicious pear tea, a blue
leather journal a hairband and a grownup looking pink checkered shirt.
What a wonderful weekend! From my Grandma I got the best computer game
in the world " I love puppies", some lightning bugs candy, some elastic
bands, and a dancing dragon that I named "Draco". He is goofy, cuddly
and cute. He makes everybody laugh!.

I have got more good news! This year, we are going out west to see our
cousins and our mom's grandma! I can't wait to see them! We are also
going to Texas in two weeks! Mom has already started packing. We will
leave our year old puppy Chester with her when we go. When we go to BC,
we will take , I think , all of our pets over! Except for Ryan's and my
ever diminishing number of sea monkeys. I just can't wait! Also, hope
fully some time this summer Ryan and I will take piano lessons! Mom and
Dad said if we do a year of piano, afterwards we can choose any
instrument we want! I think that I will choose violin.

Well thats all for now and I will try to type more during my summer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did comment here once before but for some reason it disappeared..I love the way you write Lauren and you always have interesting things to say...Your summer sounds great and I will enjoy your pets while you are gone...I will also take care of them....Keep blogging..You will soon get your readers back...Bye for now..Love to you. Grandma

6:35 PM


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