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Saturday, January 10, 2009

School and Winter Events

Yahoo! That was fun! Today we went skating! For an hour! And we had HOT hot chocolate too! And no School either, since I got it all done yesterday! I wrote a fiction story that I will enter here.

A Lost Baby

Lauren Gee

Louella was sitting on the edge of the family wagon, reading. She often ended up watching Jake, her little brother while her mom packed up camp or did chores. As the daughter of Israelites, she and her family often had to pack up and head into the desert without notice. Nobody knew when the cloud over the tabernacle would move. At the moment, Jake was sleeping as soundly as a hater-of-naps could.

Louella glanced at Jake. His favorite rattle, a gourd filled with pebbles lay beside him. Louella came to an exciting part in her book, "Adventures for Girls" . At the end of the exciting part she looked up. Jake's patched blanket was empty! He and his rattle were gone! Frantically she looked around. All she saw was a trail of small footprints, leading on into the desert. To make things worse, Louella notice the wind was picking up at a startling rate. She thought, " I should have known that he wouldn't sleep that long!"

She dropped her book and screamed for Nicole, her older sister. They both tore along, following those precious footprints. "My only hope,"mumured Louella miserably As they stunbled along, Louella's straight brown hair kept whipping into her green-slate eyes. Suddenly, Nicole stopped. She and Louella was startled and overjoyed. It was Jake's rattle, lying on the trail of footprints! "Can't be far," whispered Louella in a tight voice.

At that moment, Nicole yelled Jake's name over the wind. They heard a small, tired, baby voice wailing, "Mamma!" Both girls jogged towards the welcome sound. Sitting in the hot sand was Jake! He had tears streaming down his chubby face. "Unusual for him," noted Louella.

As they pelted back, carrying Jake, tears of gratitude filled their eyes. "Thank you God for helping us find our little brother Jake!"

Once at the wagon, their mom peered at their tear-streaked yet joyful faces. "There you are! I was worried about you. Where have you been? What has happened? Never mind, tell us as we travel on through the desert. Its time to go!"

As they jolted along under the blazing sun, Nicole narrated the whole episode, not missing one detail. Their mom and dad interjected comments such as,"Oh my!" or "My poor darlings!" (the latter from their mom). Once Nicole had finished, Jake started babbling as if nothing had happened. Louella realized, after thingking over the whole episode how special her little brother was to her. She hugged him tight and kissed his silky, dusty hair. "I hope I never lose you again," she said.

The End

I liked this story. It took a LONG time to write. I hope you like it. I must go now or I will go to sleep with my fingers typing on my quilt! Au revoir readers!


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